What areas do you cover ?

I'm based in Europe, Germany and mainly cover areas in Europe and allround the World, but I'm available in all areas of Europe and also cover destination weddings abroad.

Do you have a Drone for aerial footage ?

Aerial photographs can be a small but effective addition to your wedding film. Use depends on the geographical location, venue approval and weather conditions.

Contact me to see if drone videography could be possible at your wedding.

How do we Receive our Wedding Film ?

Your wedding film will be delivered on 1 USB Stick around 8 - 12 weeks after the wedding date. A digital file secures you for the future compared to the now outdated disc formats which could deteriorate through wear and tear. Many couples plug the 1 USB Stick directly into their television to watch their 4K film.

Which Wedding Film Package is right for us ?

After the first free personal meeting, whether personal meeting or virtual video chat, we will find out which wedding film package suits you. Which packages are they? You will find here under Wedding Film Package. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What cameras do you use ?

Developments in technology mean it’s no longer necessary to lug around a cumbersome video camera. In fact, to your guests, I’m likely to look like a photographer. I currently use cameras  with a variety of lenses. Using a DSLR for video gives a cinematic feel to the production and interchangeable lenses allow you to adapt your set-up to the surroundings. The small form factor allows me to be more discreet and at the same time create shots which were unthinkable with larger cameras.

Do I have to wear a Microphone ?

Great quality audio is vital in video, usually a microphone can be attached to a groom or celebrant during the ceremony and equally for the speeches to capture crisp sound.


Can I choose the Music included in my 'Documentary edit' and 'Highlights montage' ?

Generally I choose the tracks used in the production. For the documentary edit, this is usually inspired by music playing at the event and often I make a separate recording of any musical performances at the wedding to use in the film also. On your wedding day, it's easy to miss the music playing when chatting with friends and relatives, so I like to include live music where possible as this gives a true account of the day. For the highlights I only use licensed music sourced , the licensing fee is included within the price of your wedding video. Some couples do like to help choose the music, but I feel the best results occur when I'm able to match the music myself based on the footage I have and my own creative vision. If couples would like to help pick music, I ask that they contact me soon after the wedding before editing commences.

Do you supply RAW footage ?

I present you with just the finished, edited product. The reason being that each wedding uses around 300 to 500 GB of memory which is difficult to supply and requires a fairly powerful computer to edit. Sometimes I’m running around from place to place filming the floor, or I film something over and over to get it just right, or I could unintentionally capture unflattering shots of guests that must never see the light of day. You don’t want to see these things !

What about Tiny Wedding ?

Yes, sure we do Tiny Weddings and events too.
What are Tiny Weddings ?
This is a small scale wedding with less than 30 guests, which makes the wedding celebration much more intimate and personal. Yes, sure Tiny Weddings I have already experienced and documented. Just look at my films.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What's the payment Schedule ?

Once you've decided that you'd like to have me film your wedding, a contract is sent to you online which is signed to secure the date. FAQ and payment can you see of the Terms and Conditions.
Please contact me with any additional queries you may have !